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Baby Emmett

Another newborn shoot! These photos give a glimpse into the new joy that Emmett has brought to the Fourie household!


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One of the things I enjoy most about photography is how it gives us the opportunity to meet so many interesting people and share special moments in their lives. This time was no exception. It was so much fun to document and share Petro and Erik’s joy in Nicolai’s arrival!

Trollope trio + 1

I’ve done a number of maternity and newborn shoots recently, and I will post a few of my favourite shots over the next few days.

Two close friends of ours, Etienne and Iska, are expecting their second child soon. Iwan, their son, however stole the show and made this a memorable photo shoot!


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Potbelly hitting the streets

We had so much fun with Vasti and Pieter, just 6 days before Josua was born. We tried to capture their interactions with the “regular” world around them, and their spontaneity ensured that the shoot was a big success! Look out for photos of baby Josua soon!

ISO 640 \\ 50mm \\ f3.2 \\ 1/40sec

ISO 640 \\ 50mm \\ f6.3 \\ 1/50sec

ISO 640 \\ 50mm \\ f2.8 \\ 1/400sec

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