Potbelly hitting the streets

We had so much fun with Vasti and Pieter, just 6 days before Josua was born. We tried to capture their interactions with the “regular” world around them, and their spontaneity ensured that the shoot was a big success! Look out for photos of baby Josua soon!

ISO 640 \\ 50mm \\ f3.2 \\ 1/40sec

ISO 640 \\ 50mm \\ f6.3 \\ 1/50sec

ISO 640 \\ 50mm \\ f2.8 \\ 1/400sec

To view more photos from this shoot click here


2 thoughts on “Potbelly hitting the streets

  1. Rue Du Lavoir

    Une très belle série de photos autour d’un sujet captivant mais difficile à traiter.
    La première photo est très originale. J’aime beaucoup les deux autres aussi.
    Bonne continuation à toi et beaucoup de bonheur à venir pour ces parents… Olivier


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