Weapon of choice

Most online photography forums will have massive threads about the Nikon vs Canon debate. I find the debate rather senseless because both companies manufacture cameras and lenses of a very high quality. I chose Nikon as my weapon of choice because in my opinion its controls are a little more user friendly.


My current setup:

  • Nikon D90 body
  • Nikkor 18-105mm VRII lens
  • Nikkor 50mm f1.8D
Which brand do you use? How did you choose it?

6 thoughts on “Weapon of choice

  1. [Gm]

    I’m using Nikon. I didn’t choose Nikon. Nikon chose me 😀

    Actually, it’s because a friend of mine was selling his back-up camera (a Nikon D40). I didn’t do any research prior to buying the camera — I just trust my friend. And there’s no regret.

    The buttons are more intuitive, but maybe I think so because I was just used to it more than any other brand. If my first camera was (for example) Canon, I might say that Canon is more intuitive.

    Anyway, I agree with you. There’s no point in debating which is better. Nothing is perfect :D… Not Nikon, not Canon, not Sony, not Pentax, etc.

  2. Morkel Erasmus

    I started out shooting Canon, but made the switch to Nikon recently. You are right, both make high quality equipment, but at the high-end and for nature photography (which often occurs in low light) where I shoot, Nikon has the edge. My new ‘weapon’ of choice is the Nikon D3s and it gives amazing results in the poorest light conditions. I also use a D7000 as 2nd body and have a variety of lenses from 14mm to 500mm (all FX).

  3. Helder Ferreira

    I’m a Canon guy only because my first camera was a Canon. To me both brands have high quality so I also don’t understand the war between Canon and Nikon fans.
    Here’s my equipment: Canon 450D, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon T90. Several lens: 100mm f2.8L, 50mm f1.8, 16-35mm f2.8L, 24-105mm f4L, 18-55mm f3.5/4.5, 55-250mm f4.5/5.6.

  4. Ketan

    Well said Chris. I had a Sony earlier and nw use a Canon 60D. The transition was slightly difficulut but not anything to write home about!

  5. Christakis

    It is very often that you will see people sticking to one of the two brands because they have already invested in lenses of one of the two systems. I own a Canon 7D but that is soon to get the eBay chop… I shall then be an outsider from the Canon vs Nikon war.


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