See how they run

My wife and I went to a horse racing meet for the first time at Greyville, Durban. I was amazed by the speed of these animals!

ISO 800 \\ 50mm \\ f2.8 \\ 1/60sec

ISO 800 \\ 50mm \\ f2.0 \\ 1/160sec

ISO 1250 \\ 50mm \\ f2.5 \\ 1/400sec


6 thoughts on “See how they run

  1. Mike Moruzi

    I think the motion in the first image is fantastic. I love slow shots of fast subjects. Your choice of toning works well for the image too. Nice shot.

  2. Ginnie

    I’m guessing just about any race means fast, Chris, but clearly some things are faster than others. Horses! I like the sense of action.

  3. Christakis Schinis

    I’m generally not a fan of monochrome images but when done tastefully, they can be very nice. This is indeed the case here so well done. Also well done on managing to keep a consistent look between all three.

    My favourites are the first two with a slight bias towards the first one. Dynamic and definitely tell the story.


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