Checking out the scene

First they were five…

ISO 200 \\ 50mm \\ f2.5 \\ 1/640sec

… but only the coolest two remained

ISO 200 \\ 50mm \\ f1.8 \\ 1/1600sec


12 thoughts on “Checking out the scene

  1. Helder Ferreira

    🙂 I like more the second photo, as is less crowded (not because went from 5 to 2) but because the beach scenery introduces too much information to the frame).

    1. chrisefranklin Post author

      Thanks GM… so far I am really enjoying it. But unfortunately the opportunity for street photography is quite limited now that I am back in my hometown. Most middle-class people travel around in their own vehicles, so there is not really much of a culture of people walking in the streets as you would find in most European cities for instance. On the other hand, the areas where you do find more of a street culture, it is unfortunately not really safe to carry around expensive camera equipment.

      But there are obviously exceptions to the rule and I will definitely be on the lookout for more opportunities for street photography!

      1. [Gm]

        Well, to me, the rules of street photography is not very strict. So, I’m sure you can find something that is considered Street Photography in my book :D.

        I can also relate to your concern about the safety of expensive camera. I will face the same problem when I go back to my home country next year.

        However, I won’t let this stop me. I’m thinking of getting a compact camera for this purpose. I’m now eying a used Canon S95 :D…

      2. chrisefranklin Post author

        Even this brief exposure to street photography has already opened my eyes more to the possibility of “capturing the mundane to create an interesting story”, quoting your definition. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Christakis Schinis

    I couldn’t help it but think that, actually, it’s not the cool two who remained. The cool ones analysed the field and went to play the game.

    Two great shots none-the-less.


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