Going Green

This is one of those shots that looked a little better on my camera’s screen than it did once loaded onto the computer. But I still liked the effect of the shallow depth of field I was able to achieve here with my new 50mm lens.

ISO 800 \\ 50mm \\ f1.8 \\ 1/640sec


6 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. [Gm]

    Well, the colors look vivid and refreshing on my thinkpad… so, it’s all good :D…

    Have you try to open your photos with Apple stuffs (Macbook, iPhone, iPod, iPad, whatever)? The image quality and colors is amazing. You’re going to love your photos even more :D…

    Note: I’m not an Apple fanboy. I’m a die-hard thinkpad fans. But I have to admit that Apple did a better job in visual department :D…

  2. chrisefranklin Post author

    I’ve seen it on an iPad and I must say their quality is very impressive!

    I am a little worried about the calibration of my laptop screen, as everything seem a just a little bit dull. But I will hopefully be able to get it calibrated soon!


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