During a visit to Leshiba a few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to get quite close to a herd of giraffe and blue wildebeest. These shots were not taken under the best light conditions, but after a little bit of experimenting with the post-processing the images came out as follows: (Click on the images for hi-res versions)

ISO 200 \\ 105mm \\ f5.6 \\ 1/640sec

ISO 200 \\ 105mm \\ f5.6 \\ 1/500sec

This was my first real attempt at wildlife photography, so crits and comments will be appreciated!


3 thoughts on “Wild

  1. Thruthelookinlens

    Lovely! It is a pity that there were only 4 giraffes – an unequal number always gives a better show and one does not really want to cut out the one sitting at the right – maybe cut off the one at the far left to get three?

  2. chrisefranklin Post author

    Good point, but i did like how they seemed to look like a family. I wasn’t too keen to crop out the one on the left, because that one is actually quite a young cub. The composition would probably have worked a little better if the cub looked back into the shot.

  3. fabrizio

    wonderful Chris, very intense this double photo must be an extraordinary experience to see animals in their natural environment – exelent work in b/w


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