A New Home

I’ve started the Lightchronicles blog a few months ago, but I’ve been a bit frustrated lately with Tumblr not allowing much customization in terms of the look and feel of their blogs. So I have decided to start a new blog here on WordPress where I will post from now on. I have found a way to transfer all my old posts to the new blog, but unfortunately the old visitor comments cannot be transferred.

However, this blog is not the only thing with a new home. Marike and I have recently purchased and moved into our first house!

ISO 200 \\ 85mm \\ f5.6 \\ 1/1000sec

Now that is something to celebrate!

ISO 1000 \\ 58mm \\ f6.3 \\ 0.6sec


5 thoughts on “A New Home

  1. Jérôme Aoustin

    Congratulations Chris! Indeed much to celebrate 🙂

    On my end I’m sorry to say that my project 365 died… you probably figured it out. Lot of work and I couldn’t really keep up. But I will come back with a less strenuous schedule and post some of what I have. Probably like you, once in a while. I’ll be celebrating Saturday too, getting a new car 🙂

  2. chrisefranklin Post author

    Thanks for the offer Martin, will let you know!

    Jerome, that is quite sad, but I can imagine that things are quite hectic at the moment! Hope you can get a “Project Once in a While” going again soon 🙂

    The new wheels handling well?

  3. Rue Du Lavoir

    Une petite attirance pour la première photo.
    Le flou est génial ! Une superbe gestion de la profondeur de champ… Le champagne n’est pas mal non plus… 😉

    1. chrisefranklin Post author

      Thank you very much for popping in and commenting! I had to use Google Translate to understand the French, and it returned very kind words 🙂


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