Tree hugger

These last few weeks have been a bit hectic, but I’ve finally managed to get some time to post this shot of an extreme tree hugger!

ISO 200 \ 52mm \ f5.6 \ 1/400sec


4 thoughts on “Tree hugger

    1. chrisefranklin Post author

      Thanks for visiting my blog! He climbed up the tree so that he could dive into the river from one of the overhanging branches!

      1. [Gm]

        Ah, I see… :-).
        This is a lovely shot. I especially like the reflection and the fresh blue water…

        I bet the shot of him diving into the river is also great :D…

      2. chrisefranklin Post author

        Thanks, I appreciate it!

        The shot where he hits the river is a nice snapshot, but unfortunately I didn’t hold the camera still enough. In fact, I was actually laughing at the time… once he got to the top of the tree he got stung by a few wasps which forced him to jump much sooner than he was planning to!

        So there you have it… the story behind the tree hugger!

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